Dr Françis Lefebure

Doctor Lefebure had been mobilized in 1939 as an auxiliary doctor, then a lieutenant doctor. He wrote his doctoral thesis in 1942 in Algiers, on the breathing exercises of Yoga: Rhythmic breathing and mental concentration. Rhythmic breathing affects the balance and synchronization of the cerebral hemispheres due to neurological connections...

He was Gold Medal and prize of the Concours Lépine in 1963 for his invention the Alternophone, and Gold Medal of the International Exhibition of Inventors in Brussels in 1964 for the action on the brain of the alternative hearing device (Alternophone ). In 1973, he was awarded a silver medal at the Salon Concours International des Inventors for the Phosphenic Mixing Lamp.

He studied the similarities between his studies and yoga and proposed a unique and particular method of developing brain abilities.

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Initiation de Pietro
Yoga de deux secondes
Epanouissement cérébral par l'audition alternative