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 Dalaï Lama


Tibetan flag
Tenzin Gyatso, fourteenth Dalai Lama, spiritual and temporal leader of Tibet, left his country in 1959 for exile in India, following the brutal invasion of his country by communist China. Welcomed by the pandit Nehru who authorized him to form a Tibetan government in exile, he lives in Dharamsala, in Himachal Pradesh, with the Tibetan community who went into exile to escape religious and political persecution linked to the Chinese occupation. from Tibet.


The Dalai Lama has initiated meetings with Western scientists to shed light on the commonalities between the discoveries of modern Western science and the very ancient science of the mind, practiced and studied by Buddhism and yoga for millennia.

sleeping, dreaming and dying
the universe in a single atom
the mind's own physician


Tibetan yoga


Tibetan bowls

"Singing" bowls

Traditional Tibetan bowls, called "singing bowls" are made of an alloy of 7 metals (iron, copper, tin, lead, mercury, silver and gold) in various proportions.
It is used for therapeutic and relaxing purposes in India, Tibet and Nepal, linked to their vibratory effects. These vibrations also modify brain waves.

Sound can be obtained by rubbing around the bowls with a mallet.
You can also use them, in a state of relaxation, hitting them with the mallet, and listening attentively to the sound that captivates and absorbs you, until it is completely extinguished: at that moment, your mind concentrated and not If you have not yet grasped another stimulus or another thought, you will experience a brief state of emptiness... This exercise can be an introduction to
Nada yoga (the yoga of sound), Nada being a primordial vibration that animates the universe , expressed by yogis by the phoneme OM which they call Pranava.

Nada yoga is described in Salim Michaël's book: "the way of inner vigilance".

It is best to hear the actual sound of the Tibetan bowl as the recording changes the vibrations ever so slightly; the actual sound lasts longer with a good quality bowl: it has been reduced in the example.


The unique singing bowl

Some people have the ability or the "grace" to be able to hear, seeming to come from the center of the head, a sound which resembles the rustle of the sea or a waterfall and within which another sound stands out. sharp and crystalline which vibrates in a very attenuated or very strong way, or disappears, depending on the moment.
In our world where nothing lasts and where impermanence reigns, this sound, on the contrary, is constant and vibrates day and night.
It is possible that only the high pitch is heard, and this is the one to pay attention to.

Nada yoga consists of fixing your mind on this sound by listening to it attentively and following its variations, then doing the same with another more subtle sound that emanates from the previous one and fixing your mind on this new sound, thus continued...This results in a very powerful concentration which increases the capacities of the spirit, this being only an approximation the words not being the thing.
And if it is good to try to understand things by the intellect, only personal experimentation allows a real understanding and brings the benefits which are linked to the practice, this being valid for all that concerns yoga and meditation, the intellect being unable to go beyond itself and to bring the follower to a profound interior transformation.


Be careful not to confuse this high-pitched and permanent sound with tinnitus which occurs following hearing a very loud sound or an explosion, or which is linked to an ear condition (sequences of vertigo). de Ménière or other diseases related to the ear).


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