feline wisdom
feline wisdom

Our animal friends don't need lessons!


And a beautiful shirsasana
Our animals friends


Animals paintings
Animals live alongside us, on our planet, and must be treated with empathy and kindness, like the sentient beings that they are. Like us, they suffer or experience pleasure and are aware of their surroundings. If we observe them, we also notice their magnificent intelligence; some even have capacities far superior to ours. We must spare them, as far as possible, * death, torture and unnecessary suffering.

Vegetarianism allows us to do this, simply by changing our habits, even if they are strongly implanted by family and societal conditioning.

On the other hand, a well-managed vegetarian diet is very favorable to health.

*(In certain regions such as the polar territories, certain deserts and areas of upper Tibet or others, one cannot cultivate, and the only food resource remains meat or fish).


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Matthieu Ricard
(Tibetan Buddhist monk, scientist, writer, photographer)

Mahatma Gandhi :

"I believe that spiritual progress requires us to stop killing other living beings for our bodily needs." "The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way it treats animals." “Abstaining from meat is of great help for the upliftment of the soul. »


Shabkar-The Boddhisattva's tears
Writings of Shabkar, master of Tibetan Buddhism, on compassion towards animals.


Mike Tyson (Boxe) – world champion
Djamel Bouras (Judo gold medal Olympics)
Jackie Chan (Martial arts)
Bruce Lee (Martial arts)
Chris Campbell (World wrestling champion)
Steven Seagal (7th dan of Aikido)
Ridgely Abele (Karate and Jujitsu) - USKA world champion

Ivan Lendl (Tennis)
Martina Navratilova (Tennis)
Novac Djocovic (Tennis)
Billie Jean King (Tennis) - 20 titles at Wimbledon

Lewis Hamilton (F1) - 7 times world champion

Alain Mimoun (Marathon) - Olympic champion - 32 times French champion
Edwin Moses (Athletics)
Carl Lewis (
Athletics) 9 gold medals at the Olympic Games
• Al Oerter (discus thrower) - 4 Olympic gold medals
Zatopek (Athletics) - 4 times Olympic champion
Paavo Nurmi (Running) - 12 Olympic medals including 9 gold, 31 world records


Robert Millar (Cycling)
Fausto Coppi (Cycling)

James Donaldson, (Basketball )
Patrick Edlinger (
Ruth Heidrich (Triathlon - Ironman)
Desmond Howard (
American soccer)
Isabelle Patissier (hand-climbing)

Sylvie Guillem (star dancer)

Surya Bonaly (Skating)



- Albert Einstein :
"Nothing can be more beneficial to human health or increase the chances of survival of life on Earth than a shift to a vegetarian diet."
- Léonard de Vinci :
I have rejected meat since very early in my childhood, and the time will come when men, like me, will look at the killing of animals as they now look at the killing of their fellows. »
Cuvier :
"Comparative anatomy teaches us that in all things, man resembles fruit-eating animals, and in nothing like carnivores... It is only by disguising dead flesh made more tender by culinary preparations, that 'it is likely to be chewed and digested by man in whom, in this way, the sight of raw and bleeding meat does not excite horror and disgust.
Thomas Edison :
"I'm vegetarian and anti-alcoholic: so I can make better use of my brain."
Albert Schweitzer :
In the past, the belief that colored men were really men and should be treated humanely was considered madness. Today, it is considered exaggerated to claim that one of the duties imposed by rational ethics is to respect that which lives, even in its inferior forms. But one day, it will be astonishing that it took so long for humanity to admit that reckless depredations inflicted on living things are incompatible with ethics. »
- Hippocrate

- Benjamin Franklin

- Nicolas Tesla

- Isaac Newton

- Théodore Monod

- Carl Von Linné

- Marie Curie



Our animal friends



Appolonius de Tyane

Pythagore :
The earth gives abundant wealth and peaceful nourishment. She offers us meals that are not stained with blood or murder. »

"As long as men slaughter animals, they will kill each other. He who sows murder and pain cannot reap joy and love".
“We don’t have two hearts, one for animals and one for humans; one has a heart or one does not have one! »
Marguerite Yourcenar:
“If human cruelty has been exercised so much against man, it is too often that it has had its hands on animals. »
Leo Tolstoy:
“From the murder of an animal to that of a man, there is only one step. »
"Hunting is the surest way to suppress the feelings of men towards the creatures around them."
“What is more repulsive than continually feeding on corpse flesh? »

George Bernard Shaw:
“Animals are my friends and I don't eat my friends. »
Emile Zola :
“War must be declared on suffering, and you speak a universal language when you cry out for mercy and justice for the beasts. »
“All ancient philosophy was oriented towards the simplicity of life and taught a certain sobriety. From this point of view, the few vegetarians by philosophy have done more for humanity than all modern philosophers and until they have the courage to seek a totally different way of life and point it out as an example , they will bear no fruit. »
Marguerite Yourcenar:
"Let's be subversive. Let us revolt against ignorance, indifference, cruelty, which moreover are not exercised so often against man because they have got their hands on animals. Let us remember, if we always have to bring everything back to ourselves, that there would be fewer child martyrs if there were fewer animals tortured, fewer sealed wagons bringing to death the victims of any dictatorship , if we had not become accustomed to vans where the animals are dying without food and without water while waiting for the slaughterhouse. “Animals are my friends and I don't eat my friends. »
Romain Rolland:
“Cruelty towards animals and even already indifference towards their suffering is in my opinion one of the heaviest sins of humanity. It is the basis of human evil. If man creates so much suffering, what right has he to complain about his own suffering? »
Victor Hugo:
"Hell does not exist for animals, they are already there."

Samuel Butler
Jean Jacques Rousseau
George Sand
Rabindranath Tagore
G B Shaw
Lord Byron
Bernardin de Saint Pierre
Francis Bacon
Matthieu Ricard


Al Gore (former vice president of the United States)
Bill Clinton (former président of the United States
Janez Drnovsek (former president of Slovenia)



Liam Hemsworth
Natalie Portman
Lea Michele
Ryan Gosling
Jessica Chastain
Anne Hathaway
Brad Pitt
Eva Mendes
Olivia Wilde
Emily Deschanel
Gwyneth Paltrow
Kristen Bell
Tobey Maguire
Jared Leto
Samuel L. Jackson
David Duchovny
Penelope Cruz
James Cameron
Woody Harrelson
Ellen Page
Forest Whitaker
Naomi Watts
Alyssa Milano
Lisa Edelstein
Joaquin Phoenix
Casey Affleck
Cameron Diaz
Eva Longoria
Hilary Swank
Jessica Biel
Katie Holmes
Kim Basinger
Orlando Bloom
Richard Gere
Peter Dinklage
Kate Winslet
Johnny Depp
Russell Brand
Pamela Anderson
Brigitte Bardot


Michael Jackson
Dany de Vito
Peter Gabriel
Peter Falk
Peter Sellers
Pamela Anderson
Martin Gray
Carlos Santana
Ringo Star
Shana Twain
Jack Palance
Brian Adams
John Lennon
Georges Harrisson

Paul McCartney
Thom Yorke
The yoga of herbs-Dr David Frawley-Dr Vasant Lad