The purpose of this site is to guide the researcher interested and motivated by the knowledge and practice of yoga and meditation, towards a rich and coherent bibliography, and to stimulate reflection. Many schools and methods exist and a considerable number of books have been published. The particularity of the recommended works lies in their simplicity, clarity, pragmatism and ease of reading.

Some of them allow very effective individual practice even if one is not in contact with an instructor*, because, as Swami Sivananda said:

"an ounce of practice is better than tons of theories".

*(It is better to start with an instructor and then you can continue alone if you wish, knowing that it requires more rigor)

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This site does not offer a course, a particular teaching or lessons, but just indications, photos, enlightened words, etc..., and all those who are curious, interested in yoga and meditation, or already practitioners , will find there, I hope, an incentive to practice and pleasant food for thought.


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