Yoga Nidra also called yoga of awake sleep (the body sleeps, but the mind stays awake) is a very old practice, dating back several thousand years.
It was developed by Swami Satyananda in the early 1960s, based on a traditional Tantric practice, the "Nyasas".

Its practice helps to dissolve physical, emotional and mental tensions.

This yoga is easy to practice and you feel the benefits from the first sessions.

Swami Satyananda

Old and new edition of the book Yoga Nidra by Swami Satyananda

You are certainly curious to know what Yoga Nidra is all about. Isn't it best to try it?
You will find below an audio file containing a 30-minute yoga nidra session; this beginning session was designed according to the teaching of Swami Satyananda.
If you want to continue the adventure you will find a course of 12 sessions, initiated by
Micheline Flak (Swami Yogabakti) disciple of Swami Satyananda and continuator of his work in France. These 12 sessions form a complete course with a studied progression allowing you to master the subtleties of this training. If the books come in explanations, in depth and in addition, only the practice will be able to bring you its fruits.
Micheline Flak also created the association R.Y.E which put the benefits of yoga at the service of education.

Before practicing the yoga nidra exercise, read the instructions carefully and make yourself comfortable. It is strongly recommended not to listen to the lesson before.

YOGA NIDRA Trial N° 1 - 30 MN (French)

Other books on Yoga Nidra

Other Books on Yoga Nidra


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