The diligent practice of yoga leads to better physical and mental health; it is a discipline but above all an art of living.

Asanas make the muscles and joints more flexible, allow better irrigation of the organs, the brain and the nervous system, greater relaxation, better balance and better circulation of energy.

Pranayama brings greater oxygenation, helps to evacuate more toxic gases, stores a greater amount of energy and is greatly beneficial to the lungs, heart and blood circulation.

The cleanings (shatkarmas) of yoga, aim to eliminate as much as possible toxic substances and pathological mucus from the body and to stimulate certain internal organs.

But, if we want to go to the end of our understanding, these practices would be corrupted if our hygiene of life was also failing and, for example, if we continued to smoke * (for those who do) which would be totally incompatible with pranayama and asanas, if one drank alcohol or used drugs, and if one continued to consume food that was totally adulterated and poisoned by pesticides. (if you practice shirshasana and irrigate your brain with nicotine, alcohol and pesticides, it is better to abstain, instead of regenerating you are destroying yourself at high speed).

We should therefore favor a "healthy diet", balanced and organically grown and as much as possible, take care of ourselves as much as possible by natural methods, medicinal plants, essential oils, homeopathy, correct food supplements, etc.
(Of course, with regard to health, regular medical monitoring makes it possible not to go through any pathology).

Obviously, you will tell me, all this has a significant cost; It is a choice to make ! Health is priceless ; when we have lost it, the trials and sufferings begin and our world is so polluted and disordered that the disease becomes, alas, more and more frequent.

* See the “Toolbox” section: testimonial “how I quit smoking in 1 month, without a patch, without follow-up and without suffering”

To get rid of a harmful habit: replace it with a beneficial habit

"Smoking at the time more than 2 packs a day, I had started to practice asanas and wanted to take up pranayama.
But, of course, I clearly realized that my tobacco addiction was incompatible with this discipline that I wanted to explore. I therefore decided to begin the practice of pranayama, complete breathing, nadi sodhana and ujjayi. At the same time, I also decided to quit smoking after a month (half as many cigarettes in one week, half as many again the following week, etc., to reach zero after four weeks).
Pranayama developing in parallel, I began to benefit from slightly euphoric effects as well as an increase in energy, which allowed me without suffering to put an end to this harmful habit, the positive effects of the breaths compensating for the so-called calming effects. cigarettes. A new beneficial habit had replaced the old one! "



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