This is not a fashionable relaxation exercise where you listen to soft music to relax, but a workout requiring a certain degree of alertness.

To achieve good relaxation, even deep relaxation, requires some work and personal investment, as with any other activity: learning music or a sport, etc. Then, this precious ability remains acquired.

Just listen carefully to the voice that speaks to you and follow the instructions.

Make sure not to be disturbed for 30 minutes; unplug doorbell and telephone. Lock up animals. Close the doors.

Do not listen to the CD beforehand, but only during practice.

Wear loose clothing. Lie down on a mat placed on the floor, failing that on a bed or a sofa (the support should not be too soft). The neck should be flat, but if there are contractures, you can slip a small pillow under the neck.

You have to get comfortable, cover up, because the body cools during relaxation, then start the player.

One session per week is a minimum, two or three is fine. One can also practice every day, but it is better not to cut corners; everyone adapts the practice to their temperament and possibilities.

When relaxation deepens, the sound of a ringing telephone is perceived with full awareness but does not disturb the practice or startle; it is a sure sign of progress. After a while you can do without the cassette or the CD and do the exercise mentally: the practice has been assimilated; one can skip the preliminaries and proceed immediately to the rotation of consciousness in the body.

With regular practice, positive effects appear little by little in daily life and outside the sessions.

Good practice !!!

P.S: For those who would be interested in continuing this practice, 12 lessons follow (see the CD's Yoga Nidra section below)

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